Breaking changes

cfValues untranslated name support

You can now read custom field values by untranslated name from the cfValues binding. Previously you could only read them by the translated name, which could change depending on the language set in JIRA.

Now when reading the value by name we look for the value by using both the untranslated and translated name. Once a value is found for either we return it.

It is now possible the entry for one untranslated custom field name overwrites an existing translated custom field name entry. Although unlikely this may affect existing scripts so it is recommended you test before upgrading to the latest version.

Base64 encoding for workflow function arguments

Workflow function arguments are stored in the workflow xml, in the database. The problem is that OSWorkflow attempts to subsitute any string of the format $foo or $\{\}, for variables or properties that it’s aware of. The problem is these constructs are common in log messages or email templates, and OSWorkflow is not aware of variables the plugin or you yourself have defined. For example, the following inline script:

issue.subTaskObjects.each { subtask ->
    log.debug ("Examining subtask: ${subtask.key}")

will result in

property not found

Encoding parameters as base 64 prevents OSWorkflow making these substitutions.

These changes happen only when workflow functions are edited, to allow people to downgrade. The only downside to this is that you will no longer be able to easily migrate workflow XML that contains ScriptRunner functions, to a instance that has a ScriptRunner version before this release.

If you need to do this, this script will decode the parameters, to allow you to import it:

Bug fixes

  • [SRJIRA-45] - No data recieved from server
  • [SRJIRA-183] - More info link for non hideable fields is broken/missing
  • [SRJIRA-505] - if script throws FileNotFoundException, script console thinks it's the script that's not found
  • [SRJIRA-1898] - Clone issue and link not setting default security level for target issue
  • [SRJIRA-1903] - when two behaviours are mapped to all projects and the same issue type, only one is in effect
  • [SRJIRA-1917] - cannot use relational operators with custom script functions
  • [SRJIRA-1919] - Use untranslated custom field name in cfValues
  • [SRJIRA-1927] - REST PUT endpoint uses DELETE method instead
  • [SRJIRA-1931] - Selecting transition options and then re-editing does not show previously saved options
  • [SRJIRA-1938] - Collapsing import statements does not work on Firefox
  • [SRJIRA-1942] - plugin can fail to start if script context providers cannot be found
  • [SRJIRA-283] - Behaviours - pause the validator long enough to allow the asynchronous validation to complete
  • [SRJIRA-287] - Allow setFieldOptions() to be sorted by Jira 4.4.3 Option Sequence
  • [SRJIRA-290] - Need support for Global Transitions