Hide any Item or Panel

This version has a new built-in script under Admin → Script Fragments, which will allow you to hide any system web item or panel, or those that are provided by plugins.

This lets users focus on only those UI elements that are relevant to them, and prevent them inappropriately cloning or linking issues etc. See Hide UI Element Built-In Script.

Fast-track improvements

Fast-track has been largely rewritten, fixing many issues.

This version also reduces a common cause of confusion by allowing you to update an issue using issueInputParameters, regardless of whether this transition is using a screen. See the final paragraph of the documentation on the fast-track function.

JQL Performance Improvements

We have made some small improvements to performance for this release. Where we can determine the list of applicable projects we do so and filter on those.

We will also log slow queries, and time out those that take more than a minute. All this is covered in the documentation on JQL functions performance.

Issue Picker Improvements

Dynamically change the filter query for a select list to make powerful forms.

Bug fixes