Breaking changes

Support for IssueEventBundles

SRJIRA-1929 has been fixed, which means your specified event handler will be correctly called.

It also may mean that it was called more often than previously - please read the documentation on event bundles to see how to keep the old behaviour, if you need to.

Bug fixes

  • [SRJIRA-1913] - Script Listener produces an error in logs for IssueWatcherAddedEvent
  • [SRJIRA-1914] - Hideable Free Text Field (unlimited text) is not searchable in the Issue Navigator
  • [SRJIRA-1922] - Collapsing import statements on documentation collapses code as well
  • [SRJIRA-1929] - issue assigned event is not caught by script listeners
  • [SRJIRA-1934] - "Send a custom email" doesn't work for non-issue events
  • [SRJIRA-1945] - Script Registry not working with base64 encoded workflow arguments
  • [SRJIRA-1949] - Copy project script throws NumberFormatException when copying filters and dashboards
  • [SRJIRA-1956] - field options default value is incorrect in some browsers
  • [SRJIRA-1957] - set the epic link via a behaviour
  • [SRJIRA-1920] - Document web fragment example for hiding clone button