Script Plugins

Script Plugins have been reworked, and now support including a special descriptor file, so that you can ship a script plugin which contains configured script fragments, rest endpoints, listeners etc.

In addition, we have reworked the documentation for setting up a development environment, and published some sample maven projects that should get you up and running with a development environment very quickly.

Send Custom Emails

The built-in Send Custom Email script has had a make over. We now make the email object available in the Condition and Configuration code section, which means you can dynamically modify recipients or the Reply-to header, and add generated attachments.

We now assemble the attachments when the mail queue is flushed, which should avoid the problem where sometimes attachments were missed when the post-function is on the Create transition.

Documentation of doAfterCreate

Both clone and link and create subtask support an Additional Code section to customise the issue that is being created. However this code runs before the issue is created in the database, which means you could not do things that require a database issue. We have now documented examples for the doAfterCreate callback, which will allow you to for example:

  • add watchers

  • create subtasks for the new issue

  • link it to other issues

linkedIssuesOfRemote JQL function

linkedIssuesOfRemote has been rewritten to allow search on remote link properties, for example, search on the link application name, query string, host etc.

Other fixes and improvements