New user interface

The user interface has been rewritten to provide a more user friendly experience. The appearance is very similar to the existing UI.

Customize the UI with Script Fragments

Script Fragments are here for ScriptRunner for Bamboo! Add your own customized elements to the Bamboo user interface. This can range from simple buttons and dialogs to integrations, such as adding a static analysis tab to your build results.

Also with the power to add your own CSS and JavaScript resources with web resources, there are virtually no limits to what you can accomplish.

Script Search within Script File Input

You now have the ability to search for scripts contained within your configured script roots inside ScriptRunner. Wherever you used to be able to paste the path of a script, you can now search for the script directly in the file input. Simply start typing the name of your script and the search will present suggestions that you can select!

Fixes and Features

For how-to questions please ask on Atlassian Answers where there is a very active community. Adaptavist staff are also likely to respond there.

Ask a question about ScriptRunner for JIRA, for for Bitbucket Server, or for Confluence.