History of Execution Times and Failures Rates

Previously, for each script, we have displayed information about the previous fifteen executions. This includes how long it took, the payload, and whether it failed or not.

This can be useful but doesn’t give you a long-term trend analysis - for example, is this gradually slowing down, perhaps as it processes more data? Has a recent change to the script caused it to slow down (or speed up)?

With this release we show execution speed and failure rates going back up to two years. Initially there will be no data available, but over time this should become a valuable resource.

rrd execution history

Inclusion of Canned Comments Plugin

This release sees the inclusion of Template Comments for Jira Service Desk in ScriptRunner for Jira. This will enable us to better keep it up to date. By default this is disabled, as since it was introduced Service Desk provides a different method of achieving a similar thing. On installing this upgrade, if you have the Template Comments app installed, it will automatically be uninstalled…​ the functionality is the same so you should not notice any difference.

See the documentation for more information.

Important: There is a known issue that the resources are not correctly enabled if you had previously installed the Template Comments plugin. This is the issue: SRJIRA-3263. To work around this go to Built-in Scripts → Service Desk template comments, then click Disable, then Enable.

Bug fixes

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