Indexing Fix

This fixes a bug caused by an unexpected change in Jira’s API from 8.0.1. This caused lots of exceptions in the log files, and prevented many ScriptRunner JQL functions working.

After installing this, issues that had been updated since you had upgraded to 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 would not have had their links properly indexed for use by ScriptRunner functions.

Therefore, we suggest you reindex issues that have been modified during this time. You can do this by creating a query such as updated > -1w, and saving this as a filter, e.g. with the name Recently Updated. Change -1w to when you approximately upgraded to 8.0.1 or above.

Then use this query with the Builtin Script called Reindex Issues. Select the filter you just created, and leave the Project blank.

First click Preview to see how many issues are affected. You can click Run now, but you may choose to leave this to a quiet time if there are tens of thousands of issues.

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