Check out what’s new for ScriptRunner for Jira Server.


15 Oct 2019

What’s New

  • Manage your .groovy script files using the new ScriptRunner Script Editor.

  • SRJIRA-3782 - Database Picker options display automatically.


  • SRPLAT-715 - The use of class autocompletion with an as cast operation was fixed.

  • SRPLAT-712 - An exception thrown by getting docs on a variable no longer occurs.

  • SRPLAT-709 - The fragment finder context variables overlay was added.

  • SRPLAT-703 - The missing Idea Integration icon was added back to code editors.

  • SRPLAT-691 - Long files are now rendered in Script Editor.

  • SRJIRA-3827 - An issue causing uneditable checkboxes is now fixed.

  • SRJIRA-3790 - Script fragments items have been reordered.

  • SRJIRA-3789 - Free text search is not defaulted unless the field has the text template.

  • SRJIRA-3777 - An issue causing new issue events to be missing when configuring a custom listener, has been fixed.

  • SRJIRA-3619 - layering issue when using any picker field

  • SRJIRA-3617 - Issue Picker search has been improved.

  • SRJIRA-3112 - Installing Service Desk or Jira Software after ScriptRunner no longer causes 'NoClassDefFoundError'.

  • SRJIRA-2679 - The lastComment JQL function is now scalable for enterprise.

  • SRJIRA-3528 - The Behaviour feature has had performance improvements.

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