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What’s New

Label Tools Macros are Now Native Features of ScriptRunner for Confluence

Previously the Add Label macro and Choose Label macro were housed in their own plugin (Label Tools), which depended on ScriptRunner.

In this release, Label Tools has been merged into ScriptRunner for Confluence to reduce your maintenance burden and speed up the release cycle for all ScriptRunner features.

Upgrade Path

The upgrade path may be more or less complicated, depending on which version of ScriptRunner you currently have installed and which of the old dependent plugins you have installed, if any.

Most likely, you can simply install ScriptRunner for Confluence 5.6.7, uninstall the old Label Tools plugin (if you have it), and be done. If you encounter problems, read on.

Troubleshooting the Upgrade

If something goes wrong while you’re upgrading, try these steps:

  1. Disable ScriptRunner and all dependent plugins.

  2. Enable ScriptRunner for Confluence 5.6.7.

  3. Uninstall all of the old Label Tools, Create Page, and Page Information plugins.

  4. If you are using the Notifications dependent plugin, then you can re-enable it.

If you encounter any issues that aren’t resolved by the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Support Portal.

For further details about the upgrade path for different environments, read on.

For Users Without Any Dependent Plugins

If you do not have any dependent plugins installed at all (Create Page, Page Information, Label Tools, or Notifications), this update should not require any action from you other than installation. That said, we encourage you to give the Choose Label macro and the Add Label macro a try! Both macros were useful in their standlone plugin, and they’ll make nice additions to your macro portfolio now that they are part of ScriptRunner for Confluence.

If you would prefer not to have either of these macros, they can be disabled just like any other script macro from the Script Macros administration page.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-774 - There was a MissingPropertyException in subclasses of AbstractBaseRestEndpoint when accessing the log field.

  • SRPLAT-773 - YAML files were not auto-deploying saved script configurations in custom plugin jars.

  • SRCONF-835 - The browser Back button on the Create Page macro screen was fixed.

  • SRCONF-508 - Log output was not consistent in the Logs tab of the Script Console screen.

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