If you have any problems, please include the following information in your bug report to Adaptavist Support:

  1. Support Zip - For information on how to create a support zip see the Atlassian Create a Support Zip documentation.

    For instructions on how to set logging for Behaviours, see our Log Levels documentation.
  2. XML Snippet - For the problematic behaviour, follow the XML Storage instructions below.

  3. Custom Field Type Details - Description of any custom field types involved, eg their type.

XML Storage

If Adaptavist Support requests the XML text for your behaviour, please follow the below instructions.


  1. Navigate to ScriptRunner → Behaviours.

  2. Click Edit next to the affected behaviour.


  3. Copy the behaviour ID from the URL; this is the last number in the URL. For example, for the behaviour with the following URL, the ID is 1:

  4. Open a new browser tab, and enter the following REST API call, where <behaviourID> is the ID from the behaviour URL:


    For example:


    The behaviours XML is displayed:


  5. Copy the text and send it to Adaptavist Support.


  1. Navigate to ScriptRunner>Behaviours.

  2. Click Advanced Edit next to the affected behaviour.

  3. Copy the full XML snippet and send it to Adaptavist Support.

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