Behaviours give you more control over fields in Jira. A field configuration customises how fields behave, based on the issue operation screen they appear on. However, a behaviour in ScriptRunner allows you to take that field customisation further, defining how fields behave for issues in a given project or issue context.

You can create behaviours to:

For example, you give users the option to select a checkbox when they do not know their SEN (Support Entitlement Number). You can set up a behaviour to show additional fields when this checkbox is selected, to collect the information required to identify them.

Be sure to read through the Behaviour Limitations documentation before using a behaviour, or if you’re having problems getting your behaviour to work.

New to behaviours? Check out our Behaviours Tutorial.

Navigating to Behaviours

  1. Click the Cog in the top ribbon to open the Administration menu and select Manage Apps.

  2. Select Behaviours from the side menu under ScriptRunner. Here you can view and edit existing behaviours.

  3. To add a new behaviour, enter a Name and optionally, a Description under Add Behaviour.


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