Web sections can be used to add new locations, or sections, to add web-items (links, buttons etc).

To create a new web section, click Create a custom web section. Fill the form out as follows:

web section

This will create a new web section in the More Actions menu on the View Issue page.

Note that the web-section will be not visible unless any there are any web-items in it.

Modify the Web Items simple link example to change the section to the one created above. The section name should just be the key of the web section we created, so in this case it should be tools-menu-additional.

In the following screenshot I created a similar one that searches for the current page title or issue summary with Bing rather than Google. It should then look like the picture below. As you can see, both items are grouped into their own session.

web section with items
Play around with the web section weight to move the section up or down in the menu.

As with web items, you can define a condition that will determine whether the entire section will be visible or not.

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