Scriptrunner for JIRA

Extend and Automate JIRA via built-in or your own customised groovy scripts

  • ScriptRunner for JIRA allows you to extend your JQL queries, enhance your JIRA workflows or automate JIRA with escalation services.

  • ScriptRunner for JIRA makes administering your JIRA instance a breeze.

  • The following are just some of the areas where users can extend and automate JIRA, there are many many more …​.

Extend your JIRA reporting capabilities

Improve your JIRA Querying with extended functions like hasAttachments, hasComments and much more.

Enhance your Workflows

Enhance your JIRA workflows with built-in or customised scripts for Condtions, Validators or Post Functions.

Add Scripted Custom Fields

Add your own customised JIRA Custom Field containing a Groovy script

Administer all your JIRA Projects

Use any of the many built-in admin scripts or write your own

Define how your JIRA Custom Fields behave

Use the Behaviour functionality to define how Custom Fields behave in a given project/issue context.

Make a field mandatory or read-only depending on other data in your JIRA issue form

Perform server-side validation of field data, before an issue is submitted to JIRA

Escalate JIRA events

Create an escalation service to automatically escalate the priority of issues

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