You can work with the Linked Issues fields as with most other fields, except for a few cases. As it’s a composite field consisting of two fields, you must set the value differently from with other fields.

Setting the value

To set the value you need to set the two values separately:

getFieldById("issuelinks-linktype").setFormValue("is blocked by")
getFieldById("issuelinks-issues").setFormValue(["SSPA-1", "SSPA-2"])

Which will result in:


Reading the value

getFieldById("issuelinks-linktype") will return a String, i.e "blocks" or "is caused by". getFieldById("issuelinks-issues") will always return an array, even an empty one.

Other operations

If you issuelinks as the identifier it will make both the direction and the issues readonly, required, etc, eg:


Alternatively you can operate on either of the individual fields:


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