Add your ScriptRunner script fields to a Service Desk customer portal request form.

  1. Create the required script field. For example, set up a Database Picker field for Affected Server.

    db picker affected users
  2. Ensure the field is associated with the screen you wish it to appear on:

    1. Navigate to ScriptRunner→Script Fields.

    2. Click the Cog next to the required field, and click Configure Screens.

    3. Check the screens you wish the field to be associated with.

    4. Click Update.

  3. Navigate to your Service Desk project and click Project Settings.

  4. Navigate to Request Types in the left menu.

  5. Select Edit fields next to the request type you wish to add the field to.

    edit fields service desk
  6. Click Add a Field.

  7. Check your ScriptRunner script field and click Apply.

    add field service desk
    If your script field does not appear in this list, check you have associated it with the correct screen. You can find the screen your request type uses by going to Project Settings→Screens.
  8. The field is displayed under Hidden Fields with Preset Values. Click Show to make the field visible on the request form.

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