Cannot Add Behaviours

The Behaviours page in ScriptRunner is failing to load information, blocking you from adding behaviours to your Jira instance. Try the steps below before contacting ScriptRunner support.

Behaviours module disabled

One cause of this issue may be that the behaviours module has been disabled. Follow the steps below to check.

  1. From the Administration page, navigate to Manage Apps under Atlassian Marketplace.

  2. Locate ScriptRunner and expand the section.

  3. Click XXX of XXX modules enabled.

    Troubleshooting behaviour admin assets modules
  4. From the modules list, find Behaviour admin assets (bh-admin) and check if disabled (greyed out with Disabled in red).

    Troubleshooting behaviour admin assets
  5. If disabled, click Enable.

Customised HTML banner containing JavaScript

Check your browsers Developer Tools Console Log. If you are getting the following error, it may be caused by a customised HTML banner containing JavaScript:

TypeError: $ is not a function
This error causes the same issue with post-functions, validators and conditions.
  1. Navigate to the HTML banner.

  2. Locate the following and remove it from the HTML file (either by deleting or commenting out).

    jQuery.noConflict( );
    For more information on why this line causes errors see this explanation of jQuery.noConflict().
  3. Clear your browser cache and reload the Behaviours page.

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