ScriptRunner for Bitbucket currently has partial support for Atlassian’s Data Center Migration Tool.

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket currently only supports the migration of repository administrator configurations including Pre Hooks, Post Hooks, Merge Checks, and Listeners.

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket does not currently support the migration of project administrator configurations, we plan to add support for this in the future: SRBITB-882

User IDs associated with ScriptRunner’s built-in script parameters, such as Auto-Add Reviewers to Pull Requests, are handled automatically by the migration. However, any hardcoded project, repository, or user IDs existing inside custom scripts need to be manually updated by the script author following migration because the ID referenced may no longer be valid or point to a different entity in the import instance.
Global configurations by system administrators are not currently supported due to the sometimes complex relationship shared between them and the repositories and projects in the instance that they may act upon. Atlassian’s migration tool is designed for the migration of individual repositories and/or projects. Handling the migration of globally applicable configurations is not well suited to the tool and the use cases it is designed for. We have opted to not include support for migration of global configurations at this time.

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