Check out what’s new for ScriptRunner for Confluence Server.


Integration with Slack

We have added a new resouce type representing a connection to Slack.

That, plus a simple API, allows you to message users and channels from within your event listeners and other extension points. Read more here.

New Bulk Delete Attachment Versions Built-In Script

A new script was added for Confluence space administrators to delete old attachment versions.

Notifications Control for Copy Page Tree

We’re continuing to add more detailed notifications control to our built-in scripts. The Copy Page Tree built-in script is the latest to be updated. Using the Notifications checkbox, choose if you want to send a notification to users when copying the page tree.

  • SRCONF-1583 - An issue that causes Copy Page Tree notifications to be sent to space watchers no matter the status of the checkbox has been reported.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1271 - When using existing REST Endpoints that use an inline script, you could not switch to the File tab without an error.

  • SRCONF-1562 - Disabling the Confluence Mentions plugin no longer disables ScriptRunner.

  • SRCONF-1553 - The details of the original author displayed for Change Content Author script was not accurate.

  • SRCONF-1510 - The ScriptRunner-based Page Info macro did not support an @SELF reference to the current page.

  • SRCONF-1087 - The Bulk Delete Comments built-in script preview threw an error for anonymous-created comments.


Better Handling for Templates in Create Page Macro

In this release, we improved support for using templates with the Create Page macro. Now, when you select a template as the source to create a page from and that template contains variable expressions, users will be directed to a form to provide values for those variables first.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-841 - The URL of the Endpoint-scanning endpoint is now correctly mapped to the backend method.

  • SRCONF-1368 - Prune Old Page Versions now works for blogpost pages.

  • SRCONF-436 - Mugshot gallery now filters disabled users.

  • SRCONF-1511 - Macros will work properly if they exist in the template selected in the Create Page macro.


Bulk Delete Attachment Versions

A new script was added for Confluence administrators to delete old attachment versions.

New Features

  • SRCONF-1345 - A new Change Content Author built-in script for Space Admins is now available.

Bug Fixes

  • SRCONF-950 - We have fixed an issue causing an error when copying sidebar links in the Copy Space built-in script.


Storing Environmental Variables

Want to simplify migrating from a test instance to production? Check out our new Storing Environmental Variables documentation for best practices.

Notifications Control for Bulk Delete Comments

We’re continuing to add more detailed notifications control to our built-in scripts. The Bulk Delete Comments built-in script is the latest to be updated. Notifications are now suppressed by default when you run the script, but notifications can still be sent out by checking the appropriate box.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1364 - Script Editor failed to open files with national characters created on 6.11.0.


The Inherit Restrictions for Pages Built-In Script Was Converted to an Event Listener

Since the Inherit Restrictions for Pages built-in script performed its duties when a new page was created, it operates like an event listener. Therefore, we removed the existing built-in script and transformed it into a canned ScriptRunner listener, which is the first of its kind.

If you are using the current script and benefiting from its functionality, then no further steps are required from you. Upon upgrade, a listener bearing the same parameters as your saved configuration is automatically created for you, and it is visible on ScriptRunner’s Event Listeners page.

See documentation for the new event listener here.

The Bulk Delete Comments and Bulk Delete Attachments Built-In Scripts Now Operate On Descendants

When selecting a page using the page picker field, the scripts now delete comments from both the selected page(s) and their descendants. In the UI, children checkboxes are now disabled when the parent page is selected.

This is both less surprising and more consistent with how the page picker field shows up in our other built-in scripts.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1345 - Audit logging was added for Settings changes.

  • SRCONF-1481 - The Add/Remove Restrictions to Parent & Child Pages built-in script does not operate on subpages of selected page trees.

  • SRCONF-1413 - The Old Content Notifier job threw an exception when ran manually.

  • SRCONF-1241 - The Space Statistics built-in script added the total attachment size incorrectly.

  • SRCONF-1147 - The Bulk Delete Attachments built-in script does not operate on subpages of selected page trees.

  • SRCONF-1146 - The Bulk Delete Comments built-in script does not operate on subpages of selected page trees.


New Features

The Add/Remove Restrictions built-in scripts has been added for space admins.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1221 - Bitbucket/Confluence/Jira is no longer prevented from correctly shutting down when ScriptRunner is installed.

  • SRCONF-1209 - Bulk Add/Remove Labels now has consistent case-sensitivity handling.

  • SRCONF-1181 - The editor no longer loads blank page when using a template with the Create Page macro. See SRCONF-1479 for the feature request to add more advanced support for templates.


Space Admin Permissions Moved to Settings Page

To be more consistent with the rest of the permissions and product settings, permissions to restrict access to the Advanced Space Functionality have been moved to the Settings tab.

Notably, this included some changes to the underlying data schema. These will be invisible to users who follow a normal upgrade path, but it will mean that downgrading to prior releases after upgrading and making changes to permissions could see those changes disappear after a downgrade.

Rename titleTransform to pageTransform for Copy Page Tree and Rename Pages

The Copy Page Tree and Rename Pages built-in scripts have a blank code field that had the titleTransform closure included in the field’s binding. The closure allows you to make modifications to pages during the copying and/or renaming process.

That titleTransform closure is now named pageTransform. Since the closure can modify more than just the page title, this name better describes it.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1319 - Custom scripts returning String from getHelpUrl() did not work.

  • SRCONF-1407 - Script Jobs did not start after a restart.

  • SRCONF-1121 - Edit page restrictions prevented unauthorised users from using the Create Page macro.

  • SRPLAT-1313 - Script configurations can now be saved with a blank inline script.

  • SRCONF-1453 - The Legacy Page Information macro storage format was incompatible with the ScriptRunner-based Page Info macro.


Ceasing Development on 6

We are no longer developing new features for ScriptRunner versions running on Confluence 6. See our Confluence 6 Development statement for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • SRCONF-1420 - There was an exception when trying to run the Rename Labels script.


Bug Fixes

  • SRCONF-1408 - There is now better validation for missing labels in the Rename Labels built-in script.

  • SRCONF-1330 - The Page Property Reports Macro failed when it contained a custom macro.


Retiring Support for Internet Explorer

From Feburary 1st 2021 ScriptRunner will no longer support Internet Explorer. See our full statement for more information.

Age Picker Field for Jobs

The Prune Old Page Versions and Old Content Notifier jobs have a more flexible and friendly way to specify the age of old content that needs to be cleaned up.


Ability to Disable Switch User Built-in Script

The Switch User built-in script allows administrator users to temporarily assume the identity of another user.

This script is enabled by default. However, if you have extremely strong compliance requirements, you may wish to disable this feature.

This release adds a toggle to the Settings tab to disable the Switch User built-in script. When the script is disabled, it is not accessible for any user (including system administrators).

For more information, see the Disable Switch User Built-in Script documentation.

Notifications Control for Copy Space

Now when using the Copy Space built-in script as a Confluence administrator and/or a space administrator, you can control whether Inline Comments and Page Comments are copied over. Additionally, notifications are now suppressed by default when you run the script, but notifications can still be sent out by checking the appropriate box.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1227 - Documentation links were missing from scripts.

  • SRPLAT-1217 - The Switch to a Different User script banner broke TinyMCE 4 functionality.

  • SRCONF-1091 - On the Database Connection Resources page, the checkbox overlapped with text.

  • SRCONF-1386 - The age picker field validation was fixed.

  • SRPLAT-1213 - "test on borrow" should be the default for LDAP connections

  • SRCONF-1009 - Some scripts do not link to proper location in docs

  • SRCONF-1386 - Fix Age Picker Field Validation


This release backports some fixes for users still on Confluence 6.10.0 through 6.15. We continue to focus our primary development efforts on Confluence 7.x, and encourage our customers to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

Bug Fixes

  • SRCONF-1330 - The Page Property Reports Macro failed when it contained a custom macro.

  • SRCONF-1424 - DiagnosticsLoggerManager is compatible with com.atlassian.logging.log4j.layout.JsonLayout on Confluence 6.


New Features

Watch Descendants is Now a Native Feature of ScriptRunner for Confluence

We have (finally!) finished migrating the core feature of the Notifications for Confluence plugin into ScriptRunner for Confluence as a native feature. Being able to watch the descendants of a page is a much sought-after feature in Confluence, and we’re glad to make it an important ScriptRunner for Confluence feature. You can read more in the descendants documentation.

Upgrade Path

If you have the Notifications plugin installed, uninstall the old Notifications plugin, then update ScriptRunner for Confluence. There won’t be too much harm in having the old plugin installed alongside the update, but that creates two Watch Descendants checkboxes, which would be confusing for end-users.

If you weren’t using the Notifications plugin, you only need to upgrade ScriptRunner for Confluence as you normally would.

Warning: No Data Migration

Any pages marked as Watched by the old plugin are still watched, but the information about which ancestor pages have the Watch Descendants checkbox ticked will not be migrated. If you were using the old Notifications plugin, end-users need to click Watch Descendants again on any pages that they wish to watch all descendants of.

Our rationale for avoiding data migration is that most of the problems with the old notifications plugin centered around its own migration tasks from an early data schema to a new one. Rather than put all ScriptRunner for Confluence customers at risk for similar problems, we decided to make a clean break between the old Notifications plugin and the new one.

A Word on Performance

We have tested the Watch Descendants feature against very large page trees under high load. It performs consistently with Atlassian’s load profiles for Confluence, and it performs as well as or better than the old Notifications app, which was itself used in some large production instances of Confluence.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1213 - Test on Borrow should be the default for LDAP connections.


Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-11 - An invalid user-configured raw XML script fragment could have prevented the ScriptRunner plugin from enabling.


New Features

  • SRCONF-1021 - The Age Picker field for Bulk Delete Comments now gives you more flexibility to specify which comments to delete.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1171 - The Confluence-specific scriptMacroMetadataProvider module no longer shows up in UPM for all ScriptRunner products.

  • SRCONF-713 - The gears icon for lazy loading on script macros was not loading and threw a 404 error.


Bug Fixes

  • SRCONF-1051 - The link to a content indexing section led to a page with a missing tab error.


New Features

  • SRCONF - 1020 - The Age Picker field for Bulk Delete Attachments now gives you more flexibility to specify which attachments to delete.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1139 - Compilation failures in one script caused entire features to fail.

  • SRPLAT-1131 - You now have the ability to set all Hikari pool configuration parameters when using database connections.

  • SRPLAT-1094 - Autocompletion requests failed when requesting autocomplete after typing "Check."

  • SRCONF-1282 - Macros were broken on Windows Server.

  • SRCONF-1205 - ScriptRunner for Confluence is now compatible with the Confluence 7.5 EAP.


Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1119 - Classes in scriptrunner-API/SPI were no longer consumable by dependent plugins.


Groovy Upgrade

The version of Groovy used by ScriptRunner has been upgraded from 2.4.15 to 2.5.11. Improvements and new features (like additional AST transformations, or the new tap() method) shipped in Groovy 2.5 are now available to ScriptRunner users. See the Groovy 2.5 Release Notes for more information.

As with any dependency upgrade, breaking changes could potentially affect users' scripts. However, the breaking changes between Groovy 2.4 and 2.5 are relatively minor. The low-level nature of most of these breaking changes means they are unlikely to impact many ScriptRunner scripts if any.

Take a look at the list of breaking changes in the Groovy 2.5 Release Notes for further details.

IntelliJ Removal

This version removes all support for the IntelliJ IDEA plugin. See our previous deprecation announcement for our rationale and plans for the future.

New Features

  • SRPLAT - 1063 - The Add Watchers built-in script is now available.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1092 - There is now DocLink support for absolute URLs.

  • SRPLAT-1084 - The autocompletion window of the Script Console now closes correctly.

  • SRCONF-1205 - ScriptRunner for Confluence is now compatible with the Confluence 7.5 EAP.

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