Heads up! ScriptRunner for Bamboo documentation has moved to https://docs.adaptavist.com/sr4bam. Adaptavist will keep this site up for a bit, but no future updates to documentation will be published here. ScriptRunner 6.20.0 will be the last release to link to scriptrunner.adaptavist.com for in-app help.
Scriptrunner for Bamboo

Getting Started with ScriptRunner for Bamboo

The power of ScriptRunner for Bamboo is the ability to add Scriptable Tasks and Condition Tasks to your build plans.

Scriptable Tasks allow you to dynamically create and execute tasks with different parameters depending on build variables, files changed, etc, using the Bamboo Specs API. For example, you might use different maven goals depending on the branch, or scp files to different hosts for different staging environments.

Condition Tasks allow you put logic into your build, which can help in avoiding a proliferation of plans, or wrapping everything with script tasks. The principle of Condition Tasks, is that if the condition evaluates to true, the tasks following it in the job will be executed, if false they will be skipped.

To use Scriptable Tasks or Condition Tasks just add a task to your build as normal and when presented with the task selection popup box, search for "ScriptRunner".

More ways to create and run automations

Learn more about the different ways ScriptRunner lets you trigger automations: Built-in scripts, Listeners, Jobs and REST Endpoints.

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