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There are two main migration types:


Migrating from Server to a non-clustered Data Center instance requires you to update your platform from a Server license to a Data Center license.

With regards to ScriptRunner, the only change required is to update ScriptRunner to a Data Center license. You should request a Data Center license from the vendor/partner before beginning any migration.

Please contact us if you have questions about this.


As well as the steps required for a non-clustered instance, a clustered setup requires you to move your home directory to a shared location that all nodes can access. The process of moving your home directory is described in Atlassian’s guide. When following Atlassian’s guide for ScriptRunner, you must also include the <scripts> 'and the <scriptrunner> directory under the list of directories to copy in step 4 of the Migrating from an existing Bitbucket Server instance (optional) section.

Additional considerations

Additional script roots

If you have custom script roots configured and are moving to a clustered Data Center setup, you need to make sure your custom script roots are available to all nodes in the cluster.

ScriptRunner features and inline scripts

If you follow the Atlassian Data Center migration process, the database that all nodes use should remain the same. ScriptRunner feature configurations and inline scripts are stored in the database, so are not impacted by the migration and should be available on all nodes automatically.

To maintain execution history for a clustered Data Center setup, you must move the <platformHome>/scriptrunner directory to the shared drive.

For more complex migration cases, or for help getting a Data Center license, please contact us.

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