Heads up! ScriptRunner for Bitbucket documentation has moved to https://docs.adaptavist.com/sr4bib. Adaptavist will keep this site up for a bit, but no future updates to documentation will be published here. ScriptRunner 6.20.0 will be the last release to link to scriptrunner.adaptavist.com for in-app help.
Scriptrunner for Bitbucket Server

Extend and Automate Bitbucket via built-in or your own customised groovy scripts

Take control of your git workflows

Improve the levels of PR Approvals by enforcing conditional group members

Administer all your git repositories

Synchronise all of your BitBucket and GitHub repositories in Bitbucket.

Set Permissions for your Projects and Repositories in Bitbucket

Encourage Good Development

Conditionally block huge git binaries BEFORE they are pushed to Bitbucket.

Restrict File Size

Extend JIRA Issue Driven Development

Enforce ALL branches and commits are associated with a JIRA issue (with JQL condition).

Increase development visibility

Notify developers directly of upcoming outages

git push message

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