ScriptRunner for Bitbucket is now compatible with Atlassian’s Data Center Migration Tool.

Currently we only support the migration of Pre-Hooks, Post-Hooks, Merge Checks and Event Handlers configured directly for individual Repos by repository admins.

While User ID’s associtated with ScriptRunner’s built-in hook parameters are handled automatically by the migration, such as for Auto Add Approvers, it should be noted that any hardcoded Project, Repo or User ID’s existing inside custom scripts will need to be manually edited by the script author following migration, as the ID reference might no longer be valid or point to a different entity in the import instance.
Hooks configured globally by system administrators are not currently supported due to the sometimes complex relationship shared between them and the reposiotories in the instance, they act upon. Which might get mis-interprated during migration. For example, should a globally configured hook that applies to all Repos in the export instance still apply to all Repos in the import instance? Therefore, these globally configured hooks might still require manual migration, should they not already exist in the import instance.

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