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You can automatically watch (or unwatch) an entire hierarchy of pages with the watch descendants feature.

Watch Page Descendants

To watch all of the descendants of a page (and the root page), select the Watch Descendants checkbox. If you create new pages or move existing pages into a watched page tree, the new or moved pages are automatically watched.


If you watch a page with a lot of descendant pages, the watch process may take a while to complete.

When you watch descendants of a page, all of the descendant pages link to the root page. Using this link, you can quickly navigate to the root page to adjust notification settings.


Stop Watching Descendants

To stop watching all descendants of a page, deselect the Watch Descendants checkbox. If you watched a page before selecting the Watch Descendants checkbox, the notification is preserved when you stop watching using this feature.

If you stop watching a page with a lot of descendant pages, the unwatch process may take a while to complete.

Manage Watches from Your Personal Page

You can check the pages you’ve watched from your personal menu by selecting your profile picture, and then selecting Watches.

On the right side of the page, you can see what ancestor and descendants you watch.


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