Revoke space administrators access to ScriptRunner built-in script features in the space they administer.

Browse Permissions Functionality

After you select Create Permissions, you can use the Search ScriptRunner Functionality search bar to search the available permissions.

Search Bar

For example, if you’re looking for a permission that works with scripts you could type "Scripts" and press Enter. Then, the list of permissions is narrowed down to only those containing the word "scripts" in their title or description.

Built-in Scripts Permissions

Space administrators now have access to certain Built-in Scripts that enable them to manage their spaces better. Confluence system administrators have full control of space admin’s built-in script access and can revoke permissions for users, groups, and spaces. It is also possible to disable space admin built-in scripts for the entire Confluence instance.

space admin permission
  • User Name : Enter the names of the users which will have their access to space Built-in Scripts restricted.

  • Group : Add the groups of users which will have their access to space Built-in Scripts restricted.

  • Space : Add the space names to disable Built-in Scripts for these spaces.

  • Disable in All Spaces : Selecting the check box will disable space Built-in Scripts for the whole confluence instance.

After adding the values, click Update to save the permissions.

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