Heads up! ScriptRunner documentation is moving to docs.adaptavist.com. Adaptavist will keep this site up for a bit, but no future updates to documentation will be published here. ScriptRunner 6.20.0 will be the last release to link to scriptrunner.adaptavist.com for in-app help.

Support Requests

Please contact Adaptavist Support if:

  • you find what appears to be a bug in ScriptRunner.

  • you have a general configuration issue with ScriptRunner.

When contacting Adaptavist Support, please include the following information:

  • ScriptRunner SEN

  • ScriptRunner version

  • Jira version

  • Support Zip (please enable ScriptRunner logging following the Logging Levels instructions)

For information on how to create a support zip see the Atlassian Create a Support Zip documentation.

ScriptRunner SEN and Version

To find your product SEN and version:

  1. Navigate to Manage Apps from the Jira Administration Menu.

  2. Click Manage Apps under Atlassian Marketplace.

  3. Locate ScriptRunner and expand the information. The Installed Version and License SEN are displayed.

Jira Version

To find your Jira version, navigate to Applications from the Jira Administration Menu.

The version number is also visible in your Jira footer.

Coding Questions

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Ask a question about ScriptRunner for JIRA, Bitbucket Server, or Confluence.

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