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This page gives some guidance on how to use ScriptRunner to work with JIRA Agile, or TAFKAG (the add-on formerly known as Greenhopper).

As well as @PluginModule, ScriptRunner provides an annotation specifically for retrieving a spring bean from JIRA Agile…​ so, to get the RapidViewService (for finding and create boards), you would use:

RapidViewService rapidViewService

This works in a way very similar to @WithPlugin in Scripting Other Plugins.


List and Create Boards

Here is a more full example of using the rapid view service, which lists the names of the current boards, and creates a new one based on the "scrum" preset (the other preset you can use is kanban).

Adding Additional Column Info

A blog posting which details how to query columns on a board, in order to sum up an issue field: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Agile-articles/Adding-column-information-to-planning-boards/ba-p/619186

List Configured Projects

This was originally an AAC question, which asked how to programatically list the projects that were enabled for JIRA Agile. Here is the code, rewritten in the new style:

Add Issue to Current Sprint on Transition

This will add the current issue to the current active sprint on an action, say Start Progress. I do not necessarily recommend this as a good practice (scope of sprint should not change after it begins), but certainly it saves a lot of clicks.

Note: probably not production ready code. Also there is now a configurable built-in post-function to add and remove from sprint.

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