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Make a field read-only except for a certain role

This example shows you how to make a field read-only to all users except those with a specified role.

Behaviour conditions work as follows:

  • If any of the When conditions are true, the field behaviour applies.

  • If there are Except conditions, and if any of those are true, the behaviour does not apply.

You have a behaviour with an Original Estimate field. This field should only be editable by users in the Administrators role. Follow the steps below to set permissions on a field.

  1. Add a field to your behaviour. Here we add an Original Estimate field.

  2. Toggle the Writable option, so it shows as Read-only.

    field read only
  3. Click Add new condition…​.

  4. Select Except on the Add Condition window.

  5. Select User in project role:.

  6. Choose Administrators from the drop-down.

    except project admin
  7. Click Add.

The Original Estimate field is now read-only, except when the current user is in the Project Administrator role for the project containing the issue. It’s possible to add the same field twice to a behaviour.

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