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Require a Comment when the state is Reopened

Conditions can also be set based on actions or states. If you want to require a comment when the state changes to say Reopened, you can put a condition based on that status, rather than specifying all actions that lead to that state.

The user will be required to enter a comment for any transition which leads to the state Reopened, which is the Reopen action from the Closed andResolved states in the default jira workflow. Note that this does not require a comment for an edit action when the state is Reopened, but it would for a transition that does not change the state, but whose result is Reopened.

Creating conditions based on states and actions is a little complex. Before setting any conditions you should set a "guide workflow". This simply allows the plugin to show you workflow elements from this plugin to choose from. If you later change the workflow for your project, it will continue to work, although if IDs have changed these will need to be adjusted, as, internally, only references to status and action IDs are stored, not names.

require comment


required field

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