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Conditions 'translated' into groovy script

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
import com.atlassian.jira.security.roles.ProjectRoleManager

// Get the current user
def currentUser = ComponentAccessor.getJiraAuthenticationContext().getLoggedInUser()
// Get the changed field
def exampleField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())

if (currentUser == underlyingIssue.reporterUser && currentUser == underlyingIssue.assignee) { (1)
} else {

if (ComponentAccessor.getGroupManager().getGroupsForUser(currentUser)?.find { it.name == "jira-administrators" }) { (2)
} else {

def projectRoleManager = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(ProjectRoleManager)
def devProjectRole = projectRoleManager.getProjectRole("Developers")
if (currentUser.key == "luke" || projectRoleManager.isUserInProjectRole(currentUser, devProjectRole, underlyingIssue.getProjectObject())) { (3)
    exampleField.setError("You are either Luke or you belong to Developers project role and you cannot edit the field")
} else {

if (currentUser == underlyingIssue.projectObject.getProjectLead()) { (4)
    exampleField.setDescription("Current User is project lead")
} else {

def cf = ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager().getCustomFieldObjectByName("Multi User Picker CF")
if (currentUser == underlyingIssue.getCustomFieldValue(cf) || currentUser in underlyingIssue.getCustomFieldValue(cf)) { (5)
    getFieldById("description").setFormValue("Current user is member of the Multi User Picker custom field")
} else {
    getFieldById("description").setFormValue("Current user is not member of the Multi User Picker custom field")

def cf2 = ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager().getCustomFieldObjectByName("Single Group Picker CF")
def groupsToCompare = underlyingIssue.getCustomFieldValue(cf2) as ArrayList
if (ComponentAccessor.getGroupManager().getGroupsForUser(currentUser.key)?.disjoint(groupsToCompare)) { (6)
} else {

if (getActionName() == "Start Progress" || getDestinationStepName() == "Done") { (7)
} else {
1 If current user is reporter AND current user is current assignee make the changed field hidden, else shown
2 If current user in group 'jira-administrators' allow the inline edit of the changed field
3 If current user is 'luke' or current user in project role 'Developers' make the changed field read-only and show an error message, else clear the error and make the field editable again
4 If current user is Project Lead add a description at the changed field, else clear the description
5 If current user in user custom field value add a default value in the description
6 If current user in group custom field value then make the changed field required, else optional.
7 If workflow Action is 'Start Progress' or workflow Step is 'In Progress' then make the changed field required, else optional.

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